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Learning Update!

TargetSolutions New Course Offerings


TargetSolutions added over 250 hours of CE content that is available to self assign. There are basic and advanced modules for topics including:

  • EMS Acute Coronary Syndromes
  • EMS Allergic Reaction Management
  • EMS Altitude Illness
  • EMS Assessment and Treatment of Submersion Injuries
  • EMS Assessment, Treatment and Transport of Morbidly Obese Patients
  • EMS Asthma
  • EMS Calcium Channel Blocker Overdose
  • EMS Cervical Spine Injuries
  • EMS Child Abuse: An EMS Professionals Role & Responsibilities
  • EMS Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  • EMS Cyanide Poisoning
  • EMS Death and Dying
  • EMS Dementia
  • EMS Detailed Physical Exam
  • EMS Disease Conditions of Chronic Alcoholism
  • EMS Ecstasy Abuse Management
  • EMS Emergency Care for Lightning Strike Victims
  • EMS Emergency Responder Rehabilitation
  • EMS Ethics for the EMS Provider
  • EMS Functional Approach to Physical Fitness for Emergency Responders
  • EMS General Science Advanced EMS Geriatric Assessment Challenges
  • EMS Hip Fractures
  • EMS Hypothermia Assessment and Treatment
  • EMS Introduction to Capnography Advanced
  • EMS Myths and Realities of Drug Seeking Behavior
  • EMS Narcotics Overdose
  • EMS Nose Bleeds
  • EMS Over the Counter Drug Overdoses
  • EMS Pain Management
  • EMS Pain Transmission, Perception, and Assessment
  • EMS Patient Care Report Essentials
  • EMS Pediatric Assessment
  • EMS Pediatric Cardiac Emergencies
  • EMS Pediatric Fever
  • EMS Pediatric Fluid and Airways
  • EMS Pediatric Ingestions Advanced
  • EMS Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies: Upper Airway
  • EMS Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies: Lower Airway
  • EMS Pharmacology & Drug Administration
  • EMS Pharmacology Special Considerations
  • EMS Poisons and Toxins
  • EMS Recognition and Management of Over the Counter Drug Overdoses
  • EMS Recognition and Treatment of Foot Injuries
  • EMS Response to Mass Casualty Incidents
  • EMS Sepsis
  • EMS Shock and Shock Management
  • EMS Slips, Trips and Falls
  • EMS Sports Medicine for EMS
  • EMS Stroke Assessment & Treatment
  • EMS TCA Overdose
  • EMS The Human Body Part 1: Critical Systems
  • EMS The Human Body Part 2: Other Systems
  • EMS Understanding and Restraining Patients with Excited Delirium
  • EMS Unstable Pelvic Fractures
  • EMS Weapons of Mass Destruction – An Intro to WMD Agents

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SuccessFactors Mobile Learning Application

The mobile learning platform is now active and available for download through the iOS and Android app stores. You will be able to complete your SuccessFactors assignments anywhere you have an internet connection. Do not download the “Learning by SuccessFactors” app. See the graphic below for instructions.