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Great Work Right Here!

Highlights from some of the many letters we receive about our amazing caregivers…

“On September 18, 2016, in the evening I suffered a fainting spell in my house and my wife had to call 911 for help. Within minutes help arrived  and I was examined and treated and later transported to the ER facility at the VA hospital in Palo Alto, CA. Your personnel who attended to my needs and cared for me at the time of my emergency were Todd Daye (Paramedic) and Jeremy Tarrodaychik (EMT). Both men were true professionals and a credit to your service, as well as being polite and courteous. I just want to thank you for having personnel of their caliber on your staff who respond to people’s needs in such emergencies.”

Crew: Todd Daye and Jeremy Tarrodaychik
– Received November 14, 2016
– From Mr. B.


“Awesome job guys! My husband was OK, just dehydration and he probably doesn’t need his blood pressure med now that he has lost significant weight and is exercising regularly. Thank you for the prompt response and professional handling of my husband’s case. You made a scary situation feel much better. I knew that my husband was in good hands. Thank you for all you do!”

Crew: Chris Houston and Jason Graebner
– Received October 18, 2016
– From Ms. S.


“I wanted to say thank you and recognize Chris Houston for providing excellent service. He went above and beyond to assist my husband with emergency transport. Thank you very much, Chris!”

Crew: Chris Houston 
– Received July 11, 2016
– From Ms. M.


“I hope there is enough space to say all I need to about these two wonderful gentlemen! They were so kind, compassionate, gentle, professional, and yes loving. Because without love for their profession they could not have given my husband John the care that they did. John had fallen out of bed during a sleep study and the staff could not/would not help him back into the bed. I called 911 for a lift assist because the staff did not and wanted me to bring my son to pick John up! Needless to say we would never have been able to do that. The staff was upset with me for calling 911! Then came our “Knights in shining armor” or shining blue anyway! Thank you both so very much for helping us we feel you went above and beyond to help us and cannot thank you enough for saving John. He was so embarrased by the way you found him. The staff could have cared less about him lying there in his own mess. But you all never blinked and just jumped right in and saved him from further humiliation. We are forever grateful to you both you are awesome human beings! God Bless you!

Crew: Greg Bowers and Dan Jusziewicz
– Received April 13, 2016
– From Mrs. A.


“I want you to know about the outstanding service I received from two of your medics. I fainted earlier that morning and your medics responded to the 911 call. I was so impressed with their medical knowledge, speed at which they tried to asssess my problem, and most of all – their efforts to keep me calm when I was so frightened. They also were so calming and kind to my husband. I have never needed medics before and have never been transported in an ambulance. I hope there is a way that you can acknowledge them and pass along our gratitude for their outstanding care.”

Crew: Brian Morrison and Erica Arnhold
– Received April 8, 2016
– From Mrs. B.


“Thanks for taking care of me guys. I guess I had a seizure around 9 in the morning. I don’t remember hitting a pole with my car, but do remember you helping me out. Thanks so much.”

Crew: Matt Foster and Bryant Rios
– Received March 3, 2016
– From Ms. B.


Todd was a miracle worker last night. He picked up our dog Olivia near the intersection of Fremont Road and Grant Road. Our dog had escaped from a friend’s backyard on Richardson Avenue and run away. Todd picked her up, checked in with Los Altos Police, as Olivia was wearing her dog tag. He then brought Olivia to our house. We were overjoyed to see her. What a wonderful thing Todd did last night. Thank you. And congratulations on having such a stellar employee. You must be very proud of him. Thank you again.”

Crew: Matt Foster and Bryant Rios
– Received January 25, 2016
– From Ms. D.


Dana and Philip provided prompt, skilled, and kind care at the scene of my cardiac arrest on Kiely Boulevard. They were part of a team of firefighters and paramedics that saved my life. They are wonderful people and a great asset to your organization. I am very thankful for their actions.

Crew: Dana Crandall and Philip Schwartz
– Received December 30, 2015
– From Mr. M.