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Recertification Information

There are several items that you need to maintain in order to continue employment. The company tries to maintain an accurate database and provide notifications when credentials are within 90 days, 60 days, 30 days and 7 or fewer days from expiration. These notifications are sent to your email address. Ultimately, it is the employee’s responsibility to maintain and update all required credentials. Please use the information below as a reference to maintain all your required credentials. Please reach out to the CES Department if you have any questions.

EMT Certificate Paramedic License County Accreditation
Drivers License Ambulance Drivers Certificate PALS (Paramedics Only)
Medical Examiner’s Certificate CPR Certification ACLS (Paramedics Only)

EMT Specific Credentials

State EMT Certification and County System ID Badge

Your EMT Certificate is renewed through the local EMS Agency. You must apply for both your EMT Certificate and a “System ID Badge” at the time of renewal. Login to the County EMS Credentialing Portal using your ImageTrend username and password.

Paramedic Specific Credentials

Paramedic License

Your paramedic license is now renewed through an online process with the California EMS Authority. If you have not already created an account you can do so using this link:

County Paramedic Accreditation

Once you have received your updated license you will need to renew your County Paramedic Accreditation using the County EMS Credentialing Portal. Login to the portal using your ImageTrend username and password:

Other Required Credentials

Drivers License

A current drivers license must be on file with the company. You must renew your drivers license prior to the expiration date and submit to the CES department. A temporary drivers license is acceptable until your replacement card arrives.

Ambulance Drivers Certificate

A current ambulance drivers certificate is required and must be on file with the company. The DMV requires a valid Medical Examiners Report to be submitted to the DMV or the Ambulance Drivers Certificate is invalidated. See below for renewal options for Medical Examiners Report.

Medical Examiners Report/Certificate

In order for your Ambulance Drivers Certificate to be valid, you must have a current Medical Examiners Report on file with the DMV. The report will be valid for 1 or 2 years depending on your medical history. The company provides examinations through San Jose Chiropractic located at 3880 S. Bascom Ave. #112
San Jose, CA 95124. Call 408-371-0260 to make an appointment. You must provide the company with a copy of the Medical Examiners Certificate. You do not need to submit the entire report as it contains private medical information. You must update the DMV with your current Medical Examiners Report by:

  • Bringing the ORIGINAL packet directly to the DMV. If your certificate expires in less than 4 weeks you must take the packet directly to any DMV field office.
  • If greater than 4 weeks to expiration you may submit the ORIGINAL packet to the CES Department. We will mail the packet directly to the DMV and keep a copy of the report in your private medical file.
  • If greater than 4 weeks to expiration you may mail the ORIGINAL packet to:
    • Department of Motor Vehicles
      CDL Unit, G204
      P.O. Box 944278
      Sacramento, CA 94244-2780


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